Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Photo - My Beginning in Photography

In December of 1978 I bought my first camera. It was a Pentax K1000 based on a recommendation from a pro photographer who was a close friend of the family. Granted, Pentax is not a Canon or Nikon but at the time Pentax lenses were manufactured by the worlds second largest optical company. Also, the cost of the camera was very reasonable for a young sailor in the US Navy. Bottom line from my point of view is that the Pentax K1000 was and is a workhorse beginner camera.

One of the things I truly enjoyed about the K1000 is that metering was a breeze for no flash photography. Get the needle in the middle by adjusting your shutter speed and aperture and take a picture. Simple.

In this photo, my best friend is in front of my parents house in Winter 1978. Keep in mind that this is a scan of the negative. I did have to use Photoshop to remove dust and adjust the image color. Looking at the picture I ask myself a couple of questions ...

1) Is it a good picture?
2) How could I make it better?

So, is it a good picture? Well, it is a landscape picture of a friend in front of my parents house. It's winter and there has been a pretty good amount of snowfall so there is a Winter snow scene. You can kind of get a bit of an idea of the size of the home because of my friend standing in front of it. There are not any real details about my friend in the photo and because I know the house is larger, I realize that this is not a good photo of the home either. Frankly, I gave no real thought to the composition of the photo because I did not know any better.

How could I make it better? I should have thought about what I really wanted the subject to be. If I wanted a good picture of the house I should have looked at the home from different angles, determined the best angle or angles and then taken a picture or two. If I wanted a picture of my friend, I should have thought about what would have made a good picture of my friend and taken that.

From my first role of film there are not really any good photos. I just wanted to take pictures and get results. In those days it felt like I had to wait a week before I got processed film returned. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

With the technology in today's digital cameras you have the ability to really take a lot of photos and review them quickly to determine what you can do to take a better picture next time. Think about this if you are first getting into digital photography or if your helping a friend or relative get involved in photography.

Enjoy Life! Take Pictures!

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  1. good idea to post your first photography .. you give me ideas ,-)