Friday, October 28, 2011

US Navy - Ships at Sea

Scanning Negatives Project - from Roll 6

After I boarded the USS Seattle AOE-3 and the ship had loaded up in Rota, Spain we went out to sea. It was not long before I new what the mission of the ship was. We were a replenishment ship. The AOE stands for Auxiliary Oiler Explosives we were the mother ship that provided food, stores, oil and explosives to the ships at sea.

The photo above shows ships that have lined up to pull along side of us for replenishment. It provides a sense of the rough seas and wonder of what these ships are doing in such a formation.

Being on a replenishment ship provided me with the opportunity to take some interesting photos. With a fixed 50mm lens on my Pentax K1000 I was able to wait for the ships pulling along side to fill the camera frame and allow me to take the image above.

With digital cameras, DSLR’s, and zoom lenses a photographer today can capture some pretty awesome photos. Had I had this technology I could have taken many more photos that would have given me more images to select the best images from.

Looking at the photo above I might have raised the camera level a bit to put some space between the top of the ships antenna and the picture frame, but hindsight is always 20/20.

Zoom lenses provide the ability to vary the composition of an image fairly quickly and should be taken advantage of whenever possible. Sometimes you have to take the image as is, other times you have the ability to think more about the composition of the photo. Do what you need to do to take your pictures but practice often.

The more pictures you take the more opportunity you have to review the work you have done and be able to learn about your photography style. Once we learn what we do right and wrong the better we become the next time we take pictures.

Enjoy Life, Take Pictures!

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