Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Mother's Memories

Thursday November 17, 2011

Recently I have been going through a lot of photographs. I have been scanning a lot of photos I had taken while I was in the Navy and writing blog posts about them. I purchased a new computer system a month or two ago and with it I purchased a new scanner. I figure I can put this scanner through its paces with the number of negatives and photos I plan to scan.

My Mom passed away in 2002 I think and my adopted Father passed away earlier this year. Some years ago I was given several boxes of photographs that belonged to my Mom. As I have been scanning photos, slides and negatives I wondered what there was about these particular photos that were important to my Mom. Unfortunately there was not any written information about these images.

So going through these photos here are a couple of her baby photos ...

These are cute pictures of my Mom taken when she was a baby. I am assuming that these were taken in 1938 in or around Dayton, Ohio. Most likely my Grampa took these pictures. I know that he was involved in photography and art throughout his life.

The photo above may have been taken around 1945. In this photo is my Mom and her three brothers. I am not sure if this was a photo studio shot or if my Grampa took it. From the stories I have heard I recall that money was tight for them and that makes me think my Grampa took the photo.

The photo above was also most likely taken around 1945, at this time I think these are the earliest color photos I have of my Mom and her brothers. There may be more but I have only just begun to go on this scanning journey.

I believe it was 1958 when my Mom married my birth father.

In this photo is my Dad, Mom, Grama and Grampa. At this time  in their lives I believe they all lived in Chicago, IL. 

This photo is of my Grama. It may have been taken it the late 1950's. My Grama had a salon at one point in time and I think I have seen a photo of me in front of the salon.

When my Mom and Dad had married my Dad was in the Illinois Army National Guard. He spent a period of time stationed at a base in Alabama. I think it was in the Huntsville, AL area. These are photos of my Dad taken around 1958 I believe.

Here is a series of photos of me in my youth, I am thinking these are from 1959 ...

What were they thinking when they put this on my head?

Grama holding me. Looks like they are ready to put me to bed.

This is me with my Mom at Lake Michigan in Chicago, IL.

I think I have pics of me bathing my children in the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink just seems to be so practical. 

My sister was born in 1960, here are some pics of her ...

What a happy and cute little baby!

My sister in her Grampa's arms.

My Mom holding my sister.

Unfortunately my Mom and my birth Father had their differences  in life and divorced. I have learned that life and God's plans can bring people back together though.

So far this is one of my favorite photos of me with my sister that I have come across so far. I smile every time I see it. I am thinking this was taken in 1962.

Always did love my Grandparents ...

I am not sure what year this was taken. Maybe the late 1950's or early 1960's.

In this photo is me, my sister, my Grama and our cousins I think. I'm thinking this was 1963.

In 1963 my Mom remarried ...

Here are my parents in Mexico.

Here I am in 1965 I think. We lived in Rockford, IL at the time.

Here are my parents around 1965.

Here is a great picture of my sister and I playing at the beach. I think this is Lake Michigan and it's a Chicago beach around 1965.

Here is a family picture that I think was taken in 1966 in Chicago.

I had a toy camera growing up, so I was taking pictures with it. I don't think I really knew what I was doing but here are a couple pics I took in 1970 of neighborhood friends.

We had some good times back then.

My Mom raised Great Danes while we were growing up. Here I am with a couple of Great Dane puppies from a litter that Gretchen had. I am thinking this photo was taken around 1973.

During my high school years I met a very good friend ...

We went fishing at the No-no pond and caught these in 1975. My friend caught the biggest fish. We are best friends to this day.

Here is a photo I took of my parents in 1980. My Mom was a redhead but throughout her life she was a decided blond. That means at times she decided to be a blond.

In the mid 1970's my grandparents moved to Alabama. This photo taken in 1982 was in front of their home in Leeds, AL which is just outside of Birmingham, AL.

In 1982 I took this photo of my Mom with her brothers. I find it interesting to compare this photo with their younger photo ...

This has been quite a trip down memory lane for me. As I write this my Mom and her oldest brother have been called away from earth and I pray they are together in Heaven with their parents.

The dates of these photos may be a bit off. Looking back I wish I had talked to my Mom about these photos to get more information about them. The photos themselves have not been altered with any filters. It gives the photos a sense of time and photo technology to me. Also, some of the photos may appear cropped, that is because my Mom had trimmed them to fit in specific albums.

As I go through the pictures of my family and children I am writing as much as I can about them so my children have a reference point. I also hope they will enjoy their memories as much as I do my Mom's memories.

As you take photos, I recommend that you journal things about the photos so that you can better share them with family and friends.

Enjoy Life, Take Pictures!

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  1. I love going through old photographs. Looking back in time -- what an amazing opportunity photography offers us.

    It really can be an emotional ride too. Thanks for sharing the images.