Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Photo Tour of Sirracusa, Sicily

Scanning Negatives Project - from Roll 8

In 1979, while in the Navy, I was able to go on a tour of Sirracusa, Sicily. My equipment at the time was a Pentax K1000 with a 50mm lens. I also had a Vivitar flash unit that was relatively inexpensive.

During the course of the tour we visited the catacombs of San Giovanni. Within the catacombs of San Giovanni are the markings on one of the tombs. We were told that these early christian markings are of a saint that was buried in that location. The catacombs themselves are the area where early Christians gathered for church. This crypt may have been the resting place of St. Marcianus, though I am not certain of that.

I did take pictures of the catacombs from different perspectives but as a photographer it is sometimes important to take the pictures of details as I have shown above. When sharing my photos with family and friends it makes for a good story to have detail like this to talk about.

We also visited the ancient ruins of Syracusa, this is the Altar of Hieron II. It was built in the third century B.C. and was once used for the slaughter of 450 oxen. Many of the sacrifices were performed as thanks to the gods for military victories. This alter measures 653 ft long by 75 ft wide. I was on a bus that slowed down enough for us to take this picture. I am thankful to have taken this photo with the limitations of a 50mm fixed lens.

The picture above is of the Duomo di Siracusa inside of the cathedral are some even more stunning images. I was a bit disappointed that so many cars were parked in front. It made it difficult to take a really good picture. But I did what I could to capture something interesting.

Sometimes we only have one chance to take the picture. When traveling, it is probably better to take the photo you can than to regret not having it at all.

Enjoy Life, Take Pictures!

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