Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Photography - Editing Fun

We have had some snow around here recently and I can’t remember when I have had so much fun going out to photograph the scenery. The scenery created by a fresh fallen snow is art in and of itself. To capture it’s beauty is enjoyable, but there is more that can be accomplished. Let’s take a look at the photo taken.

I like the photo but I wonder what I can do by editing it. The first thing I did was to convert it to B&W and crop the image to 13x19 in order to remove the picnic table on the right side of the image.

Using Color Efex Pro 4 I created the following image.

This edit was created using the Standard High Key filter. To me, it’s an interesting effect.

Using Alien Skin Exposure 4 I created the next image.

This High Key - Glowing Skin effect is an image I like. Now I know that not everyone will like this type of edit and that’s quite alright. But I do like it and art is a matter of personal interpretation.

This next edit creates an effect of an image that was taken years ago.

This edit was made using Alien Skin Exposure 4 Vintage Daguerrotype Sepia Black Frame filter. After I created this image I then wondered what a what the High Key - Glowing Skin effect would look like with this filter, so I created it and made the following.

What I enjoyed about this whole process is getting out to see nature at a pristine moment in time and capture the beauty. What I enjoyed about editing the image was creating a whole new image to enjoy.

Enjoy Life, Take Pictures!

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