Friday, July 22, 2011

Art in HDR

I recently spent some time in St. Louis and I was able to take a lot of photos. It was hot as blazes but we just walked a little slower and drank a lot of water. As I did my usual photography I found myself wanting to walk around a bit more to take unusual photos also. I hope to get those posted soon and write about them.

While there, I found in the lower ballroom halls paintings on the walls. I thought they were very interesting paintings so I took pictures of them. I like to take pictures of art when I travel, it seems to bring back memories of the trip.

Anyhow, there was one painting that really caught my eye. I just kind of fell into the artist for a moment. Then I wondered, what would the photo look like in HDR? Well, I did not have my tripod to take an actual HDR photo but my camera has a post picture HDR feature.

So below is the photo of the image as I took it and then photoshop cropped it. Below that image is the HDR image which was also cropped in photoshop.

I was actually quite impressed with the HDR conversion. I really like both images a lot, but I am pleased with the HDR conversion of the image. I may even have a poster size image made of it to hang in my house.

What are your thoughts about the two images? I would really like to know.

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BTW, here is a pic I took of the arch. I only used photoshop to size the image.

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