Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Snow Photography and Editing

Today is Tuesday November 24, 2015 and we are coming up on Thanksgiving. This past Friday began our first snowfall of the season. I enjoy snow photography and sometimes more than taking the photos I enjoy editing them.

Like many photographers I enjoy using Lightroom to edit photos. But, there is something about snow photography that makes me want to explore the possibilities in other editing software. Let's take for example the following image.

I took this photo yesterday after I spotted it while running some errands. This is a first run edit in Lightroom. I like the image but I really like snow photos in B&W. For the next edit I used Alien Skin Software because it has a Kodak TRI-X 400 filter. Yes, I know Lightroom can do a B&W edit but it doesn't have film selection capabilities. So check out this edit.

I know I could add more contrast but I am going to take this edit a step further and use Alien Skin Snap Art and create the following.

This edit is a pastel landscape edit that I modified not to have texture as a canvas. So from my perspective, this edit is unique to me in and of itself. If I choose to have this printed I could select a canvas background and it might look pretty interesting. But I'm not done editing and have more to get done. For the next edit I'm going to use the TRI-X 400 image and open it in Smart Photo Editor.

Smart Photo Editor is an application I picked up some time ago. I used two filters from this application to create the above image. One is the "Contrast Realistic" the other is "Hyper-real" there are actually a ton of filters in this application I could choose from, but these two are in my favorites list. This image itself is one worthy of printing as is. But I'm not done.

Now I'm going to layer the above image over the pastel image and set the opacity at 30% to create the following.

This is what I was looking to accomplish! To me, it's an abstract look and feel that really embraces the snow image I wanted.

Now I know that photography and art are subjective. Some viewers of these images may prefer one over the other and not like my final results. I'm ok with that. I guess I just want to present to you options in regards to photo edits. You can think about it.

Enjoy Life, Take Pictures!

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