Friday, October 7, 2011

Framing Subjects in Your Photo Part 2

Scanning Negatives Project - from Roll 4

This is a photo taken at the custom auto show at the Chicago Amphitheater in 1979. This was a pretty cool car for the time and the photo is ok but could have been much better. Unfortunately the rear of the car was cut off from the frame. Because of this I can not even crop or edit in photoshop to make the image better. So what can be learned from this image?

Off the top of my head I believe there are several things that could be learned for example, event photography, framing and practice. Let's take some time to look at these items.

Event photography can be challenging just by itself, at auto, motorcycle, dog shows etc., there are a lot of things going on but more than that, there are a lot of people that can get in your way and vice versa. On top of this there are different types of cameras that people will be using. Typically the photographers using DSLR and film cameras with zoom lenses have more flexibility than others. Indoor events have even more challenges in regards to lighting and the use of flash photography.

Framing, composition and lighting are very important considerations. Getting your subjects framed properly is fairly important and capturing the entire subject is pretty much mandatory. Composition of the subject is being aware of the the surroundings and getting into position to take the best photo. At events this can be more difficult the larger the crowds are. Lighting for the more advanced photographer is normally managed effectively. For the beginner, especially those with compact digital cameras lighting can be more of a struggle. The most important thing for me to stress here is the fact that built in camera flashes have major limitations. The primary limitation is the available distance of the flash for adequate lighting of the subject.

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  1. This sure is some great info. Like the lighting and framing. Great capture on your subject and surroundings