Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twitter Etiquette

On Oct 25, I was on Twitter and there were several friends that had retweeted my posts and mentioned me in posts. This is pretty normal activity and very much appreciated.

I had responded to several of my tweeps with the following “@TheirName Looking 4 FB LIKES #photography”

Later that afternoon I went on twitter to this message “You'll receive FB likes if you write interesting news, good jokes etc. not by begging”

At first I thought ok, people are entitled to their opinions. I am ok with that. I responded with, “@whoeverheis Thx for your input. I am not trying to beg. And yes, you are right in your thoughts. I am recovering from a brain injury n trying”

To all of my Twitter followers, if I offended you by my post about looking for Facebook Likes I apologize. For the five people that liked my facebook page after my post, thanks so much.

For the Twitter follower that gave me his advice, I guess I did not live up to his standards. Oh well, life goes on.

If I was wrong in my Twitter etiquette I would really like to know so I correct my action. Feel free to leave a comment.

Enjoy Life,
Take Pictures!

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