Friday, June 15, 2012

Craft Fair Photography

Last weekend we went to the Wisconsin Dells for some rest, relaxation and fun. Little did we know that the Taste of the Wisconsin Dells was taking place during our trip but it was. I had my iPad with me so I went online to get a schedule of events. On Saturday and Sunday they had a craft fair going on too. First thing I thought of was to bring my camera.

As usual I took plenty of the typical family and tourist photos as we walked through town, but I was really looking forward to the craft fair on Saturday. When we got to the park there were tents set up all over, we did our typical stroll through and from time to time something would catch my eye.

When I saw this I thought of a slogan to go with it ...

Anytime is a good time for fishin'!

As we walked on I saw this ...

Now let me take a moment to explain something. I know that the people that create these crafts intend to sell their goods at a craft fair and do this with the intention of making some money with their talents. Before I just go taking pictures of items in their tents I politely ask them if I can take a picture.

When I took the image above I was asked why I want to take a picture. I told the kind lady that we have a number of wine corks in a collection at home and I would like to make something similar with my photography and she said I could take the photo.

Sometimes there are things that are just a little funny that strike my eye like the images below.

Continuing along there was a tent with these very well crafted butterflies. Again I asked if I could take a picture and the gentleman said yes you can. Next he thanked me for asking. I told him he was quite welcome, it's better to be kind and ask than to be rude and assuming.

Then there was the Nutman. People couldn't help but walk by and ask "How much are your nuts?"

 Then I saw some more pictures to take that were slogan worthy.

Duck Duck Goose!

What are you lookin' at?

Really!!! You gotta take of picture of me doing THIS! 

This was a good weekend for me when it comes to photography and ideas. So when you travel carry your camera. Now there were some shots that I took using an iPhone. Just doing a bit of knowledge research. Anyhow, it pays to be kind! Don't forget that. If someone says "No" respect that, be kind and move on.

From this venture I thought of a couple of crafts I might be interested in doing myself, not to sell but for my own enjoyment.

Enjoy Life, Take Pictures!

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