Friday, August 10, 2012

Cousins on the Beach - Photographic Edits

Photo edit for today Friday 8/10/2012

This is the original image for today’s edit. I like what is going on in this image from the colors, to the subjects and to the sunset.

For this image I did a regular edit in Smart Photo Editor. I cropped it a bit and modified the colors. It gave the boys a bit of a silhouette effect and I was looking for that. It also darkened the clouds and water while increasing the effect of the sunset.

I modified the previous image a bit more and added an oil paint effect. Playing a bit more with editing I added a bit of realism to the oil paint effect and got this result. There is something about this edit that I really like.

For this next image I did a straight b&w conversion. I like the shades of gray and the results of the conversion.

Larger images are on my Facebook Page for better viewing.

Photo editing can have dramatic effects on images. It is always good to take great photos and camera effects can be pretty stunning also. Personally I like capturing images and editing them. It’s a bit more time consuming but I have almost endless editing options.

Take some time with your photography, get to know your photo effect options. Take time and learn what you can do with both camera and software photo effects. Before you know it, you may create something you truly enjoy sharing.

Enjoy Life, Take Pictures!

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