Monday, August 27, 2012

Photography of Suspended Rain

It was Sunday, August 26, 2012 and it was a bit of a rainy day. I stayed home and thought about what I could photograph. Initially I wanted to photograph something in HDR. I stepped outside and looked around. The heavy rain had stopped leaving sparse raindrops falling. Then I caught it out of the corner of my eye and it grabbed my attention. It was the drops of rain suspended in a spider web. I decided that this was to be the subject for my shoot.

The deck was wet so I decided I was not going to use I was not going to use a tripod. For this shoot I was going to hold the camera as low as possible, point at the spider web, let the camera do its autofocus and snap the picture. Without looking through the viewfinder and without using the live view of the camera I was shooting blind. I knew I would be using post processing to generate the image I wanted.

In total I took sixteen photos and did some quick edits. Here are some of the images taken edited but not cropped.

To me these are ok images and a bit unique. There was one image that stood out more than the others and here it is ...

I like this image for several reason. I like the green in the background that was captured from the wet grass. I like the effect of the wet deck boards. I like how it all comes together showing the detail in the spider web and the suspended rain in the web. It was an interesting effect.

In the last image I used Smart Photo Editor to get the detail and colors to pop quickly and easily. Smart Photo Editor is one of my favorite go to photo editing programs.

So what could be learned from this photo shoot. One, in certain instances you can rely on the capabilities of a DSLR to capture what can create an interesting image. Two, move the camera around the subject to capture various background effects. Three, you can shoot blind with practice.

I have another photo of  of a spider web on my Facebook Page, here is a direct link to that image

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