Friday, September 7, 2012

Candy Corn Photography

I don't recall when, but at some point in time I purchased this Martini glass made of a thick green transparent glass. For some reason I think I used it for jelly beans. But for now I feel the Fall approaching and the Halloween candy is on display at the Walgreens drugstore.

One of the types of candy I used to get on Halloween was Candy Corn. I remember when I was really young, maybe around first grade, I used to bring my Halloween candy home and dump it into a big pile. Next, I would separate my "favorite" candy from the "ok candy" and from the "don't like" candy so I ended up with three piles of candy.

I would try to trade the candy I didn't like with my sister or classmates for stuff I wanted. I would become a bit persuasive about the deals I would make too. I would spruce up the deal by offering two or three of my "don't like" pieces of candy for one of my favorites. If the other person would hesitate the trade agreement I would remind them that they will end up with more candy not just one piece. It seemed that the trigger words "more candy" was pretty effective for me when it came to trading.

In my youth Candy Corn was not a favorite, it sat in the pile of "ok candy" for some time. When I got to eating from the "ok candy" pile it was at the time when all of my favorite candy was gone and my candy trading days were over. My pile of "ok candy" was all I had left to enjoy. It turned out that the "ok candy" was probably the most cherished and enjoyed candy at the time. See, there was not a whole bunch of candy left and I had to make it last until it was time for candy canes at the Christmas season.

Ah but I digress to my youth. While at the Walgreens today I bought a couple bags of Candy Corn. Tossing a couple pieces of Candy Corn in my mouth and enjoying the texture and flavor reminded me of Halloween in my youth. What candy takes you back to fond memories of your youth?

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