Monday, September 24, 2012


Just received an "Out of Area" phone call from a person who CLAIMED to be a "Microsoft Technical Support Representative." He told me that there was a trojan virus that he wanted to fix on my computer. I told him that he was scamming me.

I told him that my microsoft OS is not even registered with the phone number he called. He went on on on about how he knew my wife, me and my children along with my credit card number. I told him he was a SCAM and asked how many children I had.

He said he will email me a link, I said go ahead, what's my email address? He could not answer that. I told him if he was with microsoft that he would have my email address on file. I said again he was a SCAM! I asked him what version of Microsoft I am using. He couldn't answer that. I told him he was a SCAM again.

I got him all frustrated to the point that he told me he was going to infect my pc and render my computer useless. I told him to go ahead, I'll sit here and watch. He finally hung up on me.

P.S. He could not tell me how many children I have nor how many computers and laptops I am running microsoft on.

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