Friday, March 4, 2011

Make Polaroid Images Digitally!

I like to tinker with digital images from time to time and recently I was introduced to an application I had not heard of before. Before I tell you the name of the application I want to go back to the days of my youth when my Father had a Polaroid camera. Though it was a bit cumbersome it provided images that were pretty quick to develop. Polaroid cameras did advance and the ease of use and the print technology did improve.

Even though I still have my Dads Polaroid camera from the mid 1960's I would not venture to take pictures with it these days. However, I sometimes wondered what some of my photos would look like with a Polaroid camera. Now I can find out. Let's take the following picture for example ...
This is a picture of me and my son taken on the beach in Florida. This was taken with a Pentax K7 using automatic settings. One day I was listening to a favorite tech podcast and they mentioned this application called "PolaDroid" I emphasize the "D" for search purposes. It sounded interesting so I downloaded the application and installed it. It was easy to install and use.

I dragged the image icon on my desktop over the application icon and waited, just like a Polaroid picture it developed right before my eyes on the screen. Here is the resulting image of that application ...
WOW, this is kewl! I added the text on the bottom of the print with PhotoShop but all in all I enjoyed this little application. If you would like to experiment with the "Poladroid" application here is a link for you Poladroid. Give it a shot and share it with your friends.

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