Thursday, April 28, 2011

Creating a Candlelit Photograph

I believe this was around the Christmas holiday in 1981. I had some friends over to share in a bit of cheer and memories. I had not used slide film much at this time and I wanted to experiment with it a bit. I was using Ektachrome for this picture. I was also attempting to take a picture unlike any other I had taken before. I set this up with the candles on my Mom's living room marble table. I also included a bottle of a favorite supplied by my friend John and a knife that I had purchased. The results are in the image below.

I ended up taking several images (adjusting the exposure time) in order to get this shot. At the time I did not have a light meter and the camera meter averaged the amount of light coming into the lens. So taking several shots was worth the effort. The problem then was that this was slide film and I had to wait several days before I saw my results.

These days, with digital technology, you can take several bracketed photos quickly and see your results instantly allowing you to adjust the camera settings and get that perfect photo.

I have another candlelight shot I want to take in the near future. I intend to set that up and post the results in the near future.

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  1. really cool. I have one just like it. Check it out on my I took my using Kodak 5247 motion picture film.