Friday, April 15, 2011

Sometimes I Like Simplicity

This past November we went to Naples, FL and I took a lot of photos. Besides taking the pictures of sunsets, nature and the children I just look through the lens and try something different. Below is one of the photos of a beach scene.

Now granted this is not a great photo, it was not intended to be. There is nothing that makes this picture stand out from others and let's face it, I did not even think of framing anything in particular when I took this shot.

A couple days after taking this photo I was looking through the lens again. This time I was zooming in and out on different scenes when I came across this.

When viewing this on the screen of the camera I did not think it was all that good of a photo. When  got home and look at this picture on my monitor my thoughts about it changed.

This picture struck me with with its simplicity and sometimes I like simplicity. Sometimes we get so caught up on taking that great picture that we overlook something so simple, something that unknowingly turned out to be a picture I really enjoy.

This is actually a photo I am going to enlarge and frame to hang in my house. I understand that this type of photo may not be enjoyed by everyone but that's why it is said "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

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