Thursday, April 14, 2011

Get a Photo of Yourself and the Unusual

Taking a photo of yourself like the one above is hard to do without a tripod. So to get this photo I asked a friend to take it for me. Well, like me (back then), he really did not know how to compose a photo.

This photo of me was taken in 1979 in Palma, Spain. Having been traveling around the Mediterranean for a spell it was always good to get out and see the sites when in port.

Now taking the time to critique this photo, right off the bat is a common problem that I had discussed before and that is framing the subject. In this particular case there are two items to frame for a good shot, me of course and the cannon.

Fortunately, since I am doing a Scan-A-Day photo project I can crop this image in Photoshop to get a better image, like the one below.

All things considered, this is a better photo of the two. Since this is not a portrait type photo it is expected that the clarity of facial features are not to be expected. In this case, I was not looking for a portrait type photo. I was looking for an image of me with the cannon and the outcome is good.

Beyond getting a photo of yourself while traveling it is sometimes a good idea to capture the out of the ordinary photos.

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